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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Korak - Online Shop of

Korak is a mission of Kochiknacha to create progressive market supply of products made by the less fortunate people to transform their l...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo Album

CODE# KOAL002 CODE # KOAL 001 Quality albums with vibrant and colourful leather paper cover (with or without designs)

Pen/Pencil Stand and Gift Box for Children

CODE # KOGB001 CODE # KOPS 001 Attractive gift items for children on durable and colorful handmade paper

Envelopes of various size and Variety as per need with craftwork

CODE # KOEN 002  CODE# KOEN003 CODE# KOEN001 Envelpoes of various quality handmade papers  with or without designs.

Diary, Writing Pads and Slip Pad for personal and Office use

CODE # KFLPD 001 CODE # KNB 001                                     CODE # KPD001 CODE # KFD001         

Folders and File Covers for students and office use

CODE# KOOF001 CODE # KOFC 001 Exclusive folders and file covers with or without designs for office use

Handcrafted Gift Bags (Small)

CODE # KOGBS 001 CODE # KOCDB 001 Stylish Gift bags made with  durable cotton fibre paper and leather paper combination with craft work or...

Handcrafted Gift Bags (Big)

Code: KLB001 Stylish Gift bags made of  durable cotton fibre paper and leather paper combination with craft work .

Photo Frames- Heart shaped, single and double

CODE # KDPHF 001 CODE # KSPHF 001  Photo frames made of Vibrant leather paper with craft work

Wall Hangings - Round and Diamond shaped

CODE # KWH 001 Beautiful wall hangings on quality handmade paper with beaded jute strings